“The Emanation from the Soul”

Emanate: from the Latin e, out of, and manare, to flow. So an emanation is that which flows out from. Music emanates, as does all art.
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“Tapping Directly into the Soul of the Artist”

If we could directly tap into the Muse, the Soul, of the artist, we would see, we would hear, we would Feel, we would Know, what no artist has yet been able to fully Reveal.
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“Dada Art – Mama Art”

The origin of the word dada is disputed. I like Shipley’s: "Baby talk, imitative. The first two sounds an infant makes seem to be ma and pa."
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“Does the Botticelli Make Me Feel More Matrophilial?”

How many millions have puzzled over Botticelli's “La Primavera” – and the infinite reproductions. And all the basic question: What's it about?
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“Without Misprocessing, God Is Obvious Everywhere”

If an average person looks at a low energy, even unloving, painting he will be put into that negative state. But if he closes his eyes for, say, a few minutes, then he will behold it as an Instance of God.
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“I love It When the Brush is Flying!”

In terms of Oriental influence – or should I say Guidance? – I might mention that I often, unconsciously, paint using the “flying white” technique.
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“Painting the Feeling”

“I go by feeling and don't seek perfect form,” wrote the Japanese poet Ishikawa Jozan (1583-1672). And I go by feeling and not form when I paint – and in every act of creativity.
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“The Role of the Artist”

Everything is an instance of God – of Spirit manifest on earth.
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“Can You See the Artist’s Soul?”

"Does this artist have a soul?," you ask.
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“The Will of the Hand”

The ancient Chinese painters believed that one's will is at the tip of the brush.
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