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“My Painting Room”

Let me tell you of the room where I do nearly all my painting. There are many physical influences there, but I’ll now just mention the Chinese because they seem to be the more powerful.

To my left from the ceiling hangs a large Chinese lantern. To my right at floor level – and I paint sitting on the floor – are stacks of books on Chinese culture and art and poetry. Emanating straight at me, into me.

Then my three Scholar’s Rocks. One to my left under the lantern. Another to my right in front of a big window – the Light, the Spirit as light, streaming into it, through it, into me. And behind me is my first Rock, which I adore, as I Know it does me. Every day I turn it around a little, utterly admiring.

I am, I believe, at the very center of their triangulated lines of Energy.

And now I am ready to paint for them – the canvas imploring.