Life Energy in Art: Six Articles on Art and Healing

A series of original writings on different aspects of art for healing by Dr. Diamond.
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Video: Painters Depicting the Yoni

Dr. Diamond discusses the tendency for painters, towards the end of their lives, to depict the Yoni, unconsciously seeing death as a return to the Great Mother. Another talk in the Art for Healing series.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“Why Reify the Content of Art?”

We have a desire, a need, to anthropomorphize God – and similarly, although to a lesser degree, to reify the content of art.
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“Should I Paint on the Canvas?”

Look at that block of stone. Feel its spirit. Then ask yourself, Should it be sculpted?
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“See Deeper by Viewing Upside Down”

When I want to study the structure of a sufferer’s face, for this determines so much of his vitality, I have him lie down and I sit above the vertex of his head.
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“The Healing Potential of Art”

My deepest intention is that some day a sufferer, no matter how afflicted, will be able to look at a painting, at a photograph, and be instantly released from those chains and so be fully healed.
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“Come Unto Me”

“Come unto me”: the paper calls – and the brush smiles.
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Video: Making Paintings for Healing

Dr. Diamond discusses the development of his unique approach to making paintings for healing.
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Video: Art as Metaverbal Communication

An excerpt from opening lecture of Dr. Diamond's exhibit at the Katonah Village Library in Katonah, NY, July 2011.
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“Free Association”

Of course, I can be spontaneous, un-thinking, un-editing, when I paint. After all, I spent more than six years in daily psychoanalysis saying whatever came into my head: free association.

And I learned from this experience to trust my inner self, to give it its freedom. I came to Know that there was a Power that could heal me if I could just remove my ego restraints on It.

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