Dr. Diamond’s Books on Painting


Dr. Diamond has written several books on his unique approach to painting for healing that he calls Life Energy Art.

Art for Healing book cover
Art for Healing: Guided Painted Then and Now
Brilliantly integrating an astonishing array of learning, from the spiritual to the psychological, from ancient oriental art to Jackson Pollock, Art for Healing offers an entirely new appreciation of art, as a modality for holistic health.


Stillpoints book cover
Stillpoints: An Introductory Guide to Haiku Painting
Stillpoints focuses on the  concept of the Stillpoint, or Haiku Painting. It combines powerful writings with actual examples of Stillpoints designed to raise the Life Energy of the viewer.


My Painting Guidance book cover
My Painting Guidance
This short book explores the influence of some of the spirit guides who have inspired his painting: Su Shih, a Chinese literatus of the Sung Dynasty; the great poet-painter Wang Wei; and the approach of the Japanese nanga school. A profoundly original statement about the very nature of the creative process.