Healers & Healing

“The Sufferer’s Default Setting”

Being, thankfully, computer ignorant, I've only recently come across the term “default setting.”
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“A Request Answered”

I’m thinking – asking – what to do to help a sufferer in deep anguish. Around me hundreds of trees, infinite leaves.
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“The Goal of All My Creativity”

To sublimate my individual attempts at healing sufferers into broader general areas hopefully to then be of help to more.
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“Healing vs. Drugs”

In the psychiatry journals, many advertisements for drugs. But none for Compassion, for Caring – for Healing.
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Video: A Healing Church

Dr. Diamond tells of a remarkable, healing church he finds on Cyprus. It is tiny, and acts as a "womb of love," greatly raising the Life Energy of those who enter.
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“To Be Healed”

To be healed is to be whole in body.
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“I Heeded Your Call”

I heeded your call: our Karma.
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“Healing Invokes the Deep Unconscious”

Treatment deals only with the conscious – what the patient knows to complain of. Therapy deals with the superficial unconscious. At its best reducing the hate, but never inducing pure love.
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“The Role of the Healer”

No sufferer ever leaves the healer without his Life Energy being enhanced. With him now passionately, enthusiastically, whole-heartedly and gratefully Embracing all of his life. Anything less than that is, at best, only therapy, and perhaps no more than treatment.
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“A Tribute to John Kerridge”

My dear friend and psychiatric mentor, John Kerridge, used to quote this to me.
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