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Video: The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Dr. Diamond discusses the importance of examining oneself and one’s life, especially in terms of then going on to help others.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Endeavor of Psyche-atry”

I would like to practice true Psyche-atry.

Psyche is from the root BHES – to breathe. The Greek psukhein, to breathe gave us psukhe, soul. (The Latin halare, from the same root, gave us inhalation and exhalation – and halitosis.)

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“A Definition of Healing”

To heal is to help the sufferer establish links between the physical world that he knows and the Spirit World he has yet to Know.
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“The Healer and the God Within”

The Photographer as Healer must first have found God in himself to then find God in the subject.
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“Finding the Deep Unconscious”

I believe – fervently – that there is within each of us a Deep Unconscious of Pure, Pure Love, beneath the usual superficial unconscious of admixed love and fear.
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“Seeing Through the Eye”

Blake wrote of seeing “not with but through the eye.”

And that is how I look at every sufferer. From my Deep Self through my eye, then into and through his eye to his Deep Self. By this process I Know his Soul. And that he may through his eye enter through mine to my Soul.

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“Ramakrishna, Knowing God, and Healing”

The mission of the Ramakrishna Order, following his instructions, “is not assistance offered to one’s fellow beings out of pity but the active service of God dwelling in each one of them.”
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“The Nature of Healing”

The word heal is related etymologically, and therefore in our unconscious, with the word whole.
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Video: Introducing Aspiration

Aspiration, the belief that life has a Higher Purpose, is at the basis of holistic healing. Dr. Diamond here introduces the concept.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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