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“The True Healer”

The word healer comes from the Indo-European root kallo, meaning whole. If the healer reverences the sufferer’s deep drive for Wholeness, and if all of his Self is at the service of all the Powers within the sufferer yearning to be expressed, then he is a True Healer.

A True Healer does not order or dictate, for he is a servant of the sufferer’s Life Energy. He recommends, suggests, and encourages — as humbly as he can.

A True Healer, does not diagnose, treat or prescribe in any medical sense. For he is concerned not with disease but, much more importantly, with Life Energy.

He is a minister, tending to the needs of the impaired Healing Powers of the sufferer.

Thus he is, I believe, what Freud envisioned when he wrote of a “new profession of ministers of the soul.”

Extract from the book 
The Healer: Heart and Hearth


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