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“Will I Ever Evolve Enough?”

Some years ago I was vacationing on a tropical island paradise. I soon became bored – as is always the case when I am not in the healing mode. So I volunteered to do some work in the island’s cottage hospital. The doctor was delighted when I told him that I had been a psychiatrist, and took me to see a patient for whom he admitted there was nothing he could do.

She was a middle aged woman on whom he had performed a routine minor operation some six weeks before. He told me that ever since she had sunk into a very withdrawn state. She spent all of the time since in bed, curled up foetally, her face to the wall. He had no idea why, and the enquiries he had made in her village had also given him no answer. What could I do?

I spent a long time on several occasions trying to help her. She didn’t speak English, but I doubt if it would have helped if she had. Nothing I tried made any difference, I might not have been there.

Her pain tortured me but I could do nothing. All I knew was that her life to her was so horrible that she was embracing death. And I could do nothing.

Since then I have learnt more “things” to do, and, I hope, I am a wiser healer than I was then. But until I can help to heal other sufferers as pathetic as she, all of my work and all of my writings are but a charade.

Her image is always before me. One day, perhaps, I will evolve enough.


Healers & Healing,