Healers & Healing

“I Heeded Your Call”

I heeded your call: our Karma.
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“Healing Invokes the Deep Unconscious”

Treatment deals only with the conscious – what the patient knows to complain of. Therapy deals with the superficial unconscious. At its best reducing the hate, but never inducing pure love.
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“The Role of the Healer”

No sufferer ever leaves the healer without his Life Energy being enhanced. With him now passionately, enthusiastically, whole-heartedly and gratefully Embracing all of his life. Anything less than that is, at best, only therapy, and perhaps no more than treatment.
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“A Tribute to John Kerridge”

My dear friend and psychiatric mentor, John Kerridge, used to quote this to me.
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“A Treater, Not a Healer”

I was in the waiting room of a famous “Complementary Medicine” practitioner, observing the patients entering his office and leaving it. Their Life Energy – their Love of Life, their desire to Embrace Life, was unchanged.
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“Curing the Desire for the Disease”

To cure the disease may be done by treating.
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“The Soul-Seeking Physician”

When the great physician Georg Groddeck first examined a sufferer in his clinic, he would lay his head on his, or her, bare abdomen, sometimes for hours.
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“Disease Starts in the Mind – and Beyond It”

Disease starts in the mind, Paracelsus proclaimed. But so very few physical treaters even consider this fact – let alone attempt to alleviate.
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Video: The Fast Way to the Soul

We don't have to tackle each of our superficial emotional and psychological problems, if we can go past them to the Soul, the core of love that resides in all of us. That's what Dr. Diamond tries with everything he does: his photography, painting, poetry, music - and this talk.
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“Feeling Determines Function”

As every artist knows, feeling determines form. And as every body-therapist knows, form determines function. So it is that feeling determines function.
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