Healers & Healing

“Feeling Determines Function”

As every artist knows, feeling determines form. And as every body-therapist knows, form determines function. So it is that feeling determines function.
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“Every Breath a Tide”

"There is a tide in the affairs of men." Shakespeare, Julius Caesar IV.iii.218 And every breath is a tide. The chi as full yang entering from the atmosphere through the highest chakra above our heads.
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“The Funnel, Never the Fuel”

My healing work, whatever physical form it may take, is basically to enhance the Life Energy, the chi, of the sufferer.
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Video: “The Endum”

"Endum" is a Latin word-ending meaning “worthy of being done.” Approaching healing as an endum encourages us to perform it for a Higher Purpose.
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“The surgeon tells me”

The surgeon tells me – almost en passant – that he’s left instructions
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“To every doctor”

To every doctor: At an unconscious level every patient is your mother.
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“Healing: Advising or Imposing”

A healer advises, puts forward, posits, a suggestion for the sufferer. Hoping so to actuate his Life Energy. “Can you see how this will help you heal?”
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Video: Everyone Basically Wants to Heal

We all are born healers, but along the way many of us lose our therapeutic zeal due to trauma. Dr. Diamond discusses how we can reawaken this ability in our adult life - how every profession can be a healing profession - by recognizing its origin in the basic desire to heal our own mothers.
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Video: Three Types of Yoga

Dr. John Diamond discusses three types of yoga that he considers integral to his work: karma yoga (selfless action), bhakti yoga (devout love), and hatha yoga (raising the life energy) – and the deep principles that serve as their foundation.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“All Healing Is Spiritual”

I overheard Robert Fulford, my dear friend, talking on the phone to a young osteopath wanting to learn cranial work.
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