Healers & Healing

“Becoming More Than a Surgeon”

The surgeon asks me how he can incorporate photography into his practice. I tell him: Make photography your Karma Yoga, your action meditation to become one with your Soul, and so with every Soul.  In so doing you will become a healer.
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“The Awareness of Chi”

The ethereal chi should be welcomed into the body and then flow freely throughout, energizing all organs, muscles and tissues. Any impediment to the meridian flow reduces the Life Energy, inhibits the deep desire to Live, to Love.
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“From Metaphoria to Euphoria”

The suffix -phor means to carry. Hence metaphor, to carry beyond (meta meaning beyond). And from the root ESU, to be well, the Greeks derived euphoros, a feeling of great happiness, of well being. Hence our euphoria.
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“One of my Healing Invocations”

One of my daily Healing invocations
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“The Healing Power Within”

The Healing Power within is the Soul
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“The Healer as a Buddha”

Our word physician is from the Greek phusis: physics and physical things. So a physician is concerned with the physical body, the physique.
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“Go with Her Aspiration”

Go not with your mother's actions – but with her Aspiration, her Soul.
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Audio Lecture: The Five Steps to Liberation

In a brilliant, inspirational summary of his work, Diamond outlines the five steps to the liberation from the anguish of human existence.
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“Hope and the Sufferer”

So enthused Alexander Pope, a hunchback, crippled from childhood by spinal tuberculosis, barely four foot six inches tall. Would that every sufferer – and we all suffer – should so sing!
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