Healers & Healing

Audio Lecture: The Five Steps to Liberation

In a brilliant, inspirational summary of his work, Diamond outlines the five steps to the liberation from the anguish of human existence.
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“Hope and the Sufferer”

So enthused Alexander Pope, a hunchback, crippled from childhood by spinal tuberculosis, barely four foot six inches tall. Would that every sufferer – and we all suffer – should so sing!
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“The Role of Meditation in My Day”

I start each day with two forms of meditation. One is quiet. The other is active: say, painting, writing or singing.
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Audio Lecture: Reaching Out From Our Core

A person who wants to help others needs an inner core, a rock within, to reach out from. Many people don’t feel they have this, and finding it greatly helps their identity.
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“Aspiration, Inspiration, and the Spirit”

We can only Aspire, reach upwards to the Spirit World, when we Know we are Inspired: that the Spirit has descended into us.
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Video: Distant Healing

Dr. Diamond discusses the topic of Distant Healing, the healing of those not physically present, in an entirely original and insightful way.

See more videos by Dr. Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“The Sufferer’s Default Setting”

Being, thankfully, computer ignorant, I've only recently come across the term “default setting.”
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“A Request Answered”

I’m thinking – asking – what to do to help a sufferer in deep anguish. Around me hundreds of trees, infinite leaves.
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“The Goal of All My Creativity”

To sublimate my individual attempts at healing sufferers into broader general areas hopefully to then be of help to more.
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