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“The Power of the Dot”

Many of my paintings have a dot; usually just one, sometimes many. I am always astounded by the power of a dot. Just one alone on a canvas seems to have more power than many lines. To me, my most satisfying paintings consist of but one dot and one curved line. Both placed as Guided.

The origin of the word “dot” seems to be the Indo-European root DO, to give. And there are two ways in which I give the dot to the canvas. One is to first put it somewhere – as Guided – and then complement it, balancing its extreme yang with one or more curving lines. The other way is to first draw the line or lines, and then balance that energy with a dot – placed, again, as Guided.

But very often it happens in yet another way, which I really prefer. This is when the dot of ink falls off the brush onto on the canvas, seemingly of its own accord. When this occurs I Know it has been Given. And its energy seems to come from Another World.