“Sustained by Blake’s Vision”

With so many unhappy couples I am sustained by Blake’s Vision, as described to his friend and patron Thomas Butts...
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“My First Patient”

My first patient, a married woman in her mid-thirties, was an inpatient in a neurosurgery ward. She had been suffering from severe headaches for many years. The neurosurgeon, though academically brilliant, seemed to have an unsympathetic attitude and was subjecting her to a number of painful procedures, which included pneumoencephalograms, blood tests, cerebral arteriography, X-rays, lumbar punctures, and so on.

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“It Doesn’t Take Time to Love a Puppy”

It doesn't take time to love a puppy.  You do - or you don't. 
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“You Are As My Mother”

You are as my mother 
aspired to be: 
when I look in your eyes 
– it’s her love I see. 

This is reprised (“haiku’d”) as

You are as my mother 
– it’s her love I see. 

Which can be further abbreviated to

You are 
– I see. 

And the “you” is anyone, everyone, anything, everything.

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