“Seeing the Other as Spirit”

One cannot really love without the other being seen, felt – Known – as a manifestation of Spirit on earth.
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“Mum’s Ring – Our Enso”

Many times my mother’s spirit would come through and mention her ring which Suzie now wears. Mum’s ring – our Enso.
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“Suzie, My Lovely Rose”

"Go, lovely Rose …… That are so wondrous sweet and fair." Edmund Waller (at 85) "I envy the octogenarian poet who joined three words – Go, lovely Rose – so happily together, that he left his name to float down through Time on the wings of a phrase and a flower." Logan Pearsall Smith (at 66)
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“Still Songbirds Sixty Years On”

When I grew up, the trams in Sydney were double-ended, the unoccupied driver’s compartment at the rear. One morning three of us medical students – Kurt Wolf, older, worldly-wise, Morrie Rosenberg and me – were in a car behind a tram with a view of the rear compartment. In it we could see a couple – also medical students we knew. And were they ever billing and cooing!
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“What To Call What I Photograph”

I’ve searched for years for the appropriate word of that which I photograph.

“Subject” makes it inferior, under me.

“Object” too cold, unfeeling.

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“Fusing with the Subject”

This hand is you and your other your spouse. Bring them close together, then have them touch – and then interlock them.

You have now created a new Entity: the two of you fused as One. This is Fusion, this is Love.

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“Empathy, Sympathy, and a Broken Relationship”

How much
do you feel
your other
is feeling?

They were only together a short time when she became pregnant. Here they are six years later with a boy of whom they are both so proud – and very deservedly so.

However two years after his birth they separated and only recently have returned. Both with recriminations.

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Video: Helping Children Through Their Parents’ Divorce

Dr. Diamond discusses one approach to helping a child through their parents’ divorce, and also the best possible attitude the parents can have in order to help their children during this time.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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Video: The Primary Family Problem

A free video introduction, by Dr. Diamond, to one of the deepest and most universal problems affecting health and relationships.
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“The Body Shell Syndrome”

Introduces a pervasive but common syndrome, associated with the circulation-sex acupuncture meridian, that impacts a person's ability to relate to the world.
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