Video: A Teacher of Meditation

Dr. Diamond considers himself to be a teacher of meditation. He focuses here on his concept of active meditation - doing an activity with a sense of higher purpose - and its application to the entirety of our lives.
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“As In Meditation, So In Life”

A psychic medium told me he asked the Spirit World how best to communicate with it. The reply: “Come as to your mother.” I would just add the obvious, “Come as to your mother of love.”
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Video: The Highest Affirmation

In this free video, Dr. Diamond shares the highest affirmation he has found. He describes how both to sing it aloud, and how to use it in meditation.
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“Living in the Moment”

Many years ago I was in Osaka walking through a crowded and bustling underground multi-level shopping complex at the central railway station. My Japanese friend pointed to a little juice bar with tables set out in the middle of the mall. He said, “I have to do something by myself. Why don’t you have a juice and relax?

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“What Is Anguish?”

Buddha’s First Noble Truth: life is anguish. The word is derived from the Indo-European root ANGH, "painfully constricted," which also gave us "strangle."
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“Creativity as Aspiration through Meditation”

What unconscious does the artist bring into conscious expression?

The superficial – with always some hate, often more than the love,
or the Deep Unconscious of Pure, Pure Love?

In a sense, it all depends on meditation. Did he, does he, meditate? And what Guidance does he receive from it?

It does not have to be meditation in the more formal sense, only some means of surrendering himself to Inspiration.

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“Affirmations for Meditation”

Three powerful affirmations for meditation.
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“If We Know Heaven Inside Us”

If we Know Heaven inside us, then it’s easy to Know It everywhere.
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“Why I Meditate”

I don't meditate to paint, nor to photograph, nor to write, nor for Enlightenment.
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“The Two Stages to Meditation”

There are two stages to meditation: the first is finding your Soul, and the next is then helping others to find theirs.
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