“Affirmations for Meditation”

Three powerful affirmations for meditation.
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“If We Know Heaven Inside Us”

If we Know Heaven inside us, then it’s easy to Know It everywhere.
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“Why I Meditate”

I don't meditate to paint, nor to photograph, nor to write, nor for Enlightenment.
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“The Two Stages to Meditation”

There are two stages to meditation: the first is finding your Soul, and the next is then helping others to find theirs.
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“Being Surrendered by Amida Buddha”

In meditation, still and active, one’s self is given over to the Higher Power, to Amida Buddha, to the Great Spirit.
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“We All Are the Golden Buddha”

“The Buddha of the deeper Buddhism is not Gautama … but simply the divine in man. Chrysalides of the infinite we all are: each contains a ghostly Buddha, and the millions are but one.”

— Lafcadio Hearn[1] 

Our word chrysalis originally referred to the gold-colored pupa of a butterfly, from the Greek khrusos, gold.

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“A Simple, Quiet Meditation”

If there is a purpose in meditation, then it is the Awareness of Guidance. With this in mind, here is a very simple, quiet meditation.
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