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“Creativity and The Deep Unconscious”

The basic principle of psychoanalysis is to say whatever comes into your mind, no matter how ridiculous or meaningless it may seem to be. For free association is the royal road to the unconscious. To the superficial unconscious of admixed love and hate, that is.

But there is another unconscious, one far more important. It is the Deep Unconscious, the Soul, the Buddha-Nature, the God within – whatever you may choose to call it. And in my opinion, only when we reach There can we at last find Peace, be freed of our anguish.

The royal road to It is through meditation, mindlessness. Not by mind, but by no-mind. (The way to the Heart is not through the mind, but bypasses it.)

Painting, music, photography, all the arts, all acts of Creativity, can take us There – if they are created with no thought. Just to respond to, be moved by, our Souls yearning for free expression in this world.



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