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“The Core of All True Therapy”

A vow is the most sincere, solemn promise.

The dedicated student makes a vow to learn all he can to actuate his Life Energy. And his therapist makes a complementary vow to teach him.

This mutual vow is at the very heart’s core of all True Therapy. With­out this bilateral, equal, and total commitment there can never be True Therapy.

And the task of the True Therapist, the Holistic Healer, is to help the student make such a commitment—and, of course, to make it himself.

One definition of a vow is: “a solemn promise to live and act in accor­dance with the rules of a religious order.” And in a sense, this is what the Therapeutic vow is: to live, as best as possible, in accordance with the rules of Health, Total Health. And to undertake this commitment with all the fervor, the enthusiasm, and the passion, as if it were the rules of a religious order. To make a wholehearted, total commitment for Health, for Wholeness for oneself, and for All.

Few students make such a vow, and just as few therapists.  Yet for both of them, this vow can be itself the greatest Therapy.

Why not make the vow to dedicate your life to Health, to Love?

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