The Deep Unconscious

We all have within us a superficial unconscious and, lying beneath, a Deep Unconscious. The superficial unconscious corresponds to the conventional concept of the unconscious as found in psychology and psychiatry, for instance in the work of Freud. It is an admixture of positive and negative emotions. The ratio varies at different times and in different situations for each of us, but for everybody the superficial unconscious contains some kind of mixture of the two.

In the Deep Unconscious, by contrast, there is only love, no fear. The Deep Unconscious is our soul, our inherent Buddha-nature, our Innate Perfection, our Muse Within. Call it what you will, it is the ever-constant message of love, the benediction of Belovedness,[1] that resides in all of us. Whereas the superficial unconscious contains admixed love and hate, the Deep Unconscious is only pure love. My work for many years has been, in a sense, to bypass the superficial unconscious, to go directly to the Deep Unconscious and then bring it out to the surface. The aim is as far as possible to have only love in the superficial unconscious just as in the Deep Unconscious. The quest for health, for high Life Energy, starts in the superficial unconscious, but it ends with the emergence of the Deep Unconscious, the soul.

[1] Belovedness, meaning the feeling of feeling loved, is a word I have had to invent (it has no equivalent in English, nor I believe in any of the major languages)