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“The Karmic Plan – and Our Role in It”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Heaven’s Decree – the Karmic Plan – is for Yin and Yang to be forever in Perfect Balance: empty and full, “just-so.”

This is the Karmic Plan for the Universe.

Heaven’s Breath – the Tao – is always moving IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, only one of which we see. Yin and Yang constantly rebalancing – as Planned. Ever moving, ever in balance: dynamic and ordered.

This is the Philosophy of Change.

And so the Plan for each on earth will be for each to play a part in the ever-rebalancing – every instant of our lives, and beyond. That is the Karmic Plan as it moves through each of us: our role in the overall Karmic Plan.

Whatever we do – whatever is done through us – is to assist in the Grand Rebalancing from moment to moment.