“The Spherenso of Existence”

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicted as a snake in the shape of a circle devouring its own tail. It represents the cyclicality of existence: of life and death and life and death…
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“Thanks, I Needed That!”

Is every experience, whatever it may seem to be, somehow Meant to help us with our mothers and, through them, to Beyond? There used to be a TV ad for an aftershave lotion. The man would apply it to his face – which he’d then slap. The punch-line: “Thanks, I needed that!”
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“The Unconscious Determines Everything”

To us he is no more a person
now but a whole climate of opinion
under whom we conduct our different lives.

- W.H. Auden, “In Memory of Siegmund Freud”

Freud’s most important contribution: all our activity, mental and physical, is determined by our unconscious. Our decisions are never really based on logic.

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“The Harmony of All the Billions”

“A hundred billion stars in our galaxy, hundreds of billions of galaxies beyond our own.”
–Richard Panek, The 4% Universe

And there’s the other 96% of which we know nothing – the so-called dark matter and dark energy.

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“Dying as Mahler – or Lao Tzu”

I once visited the large estate of Mrs. Carlson, the widow of the inventor of Xerox. Many monks would visit there for its utter tranquility, which she herself radiated.

I asked her the secret of her deep Peace. She smiled: “Don’t read the newspapers.” And I did stop them – and the magazines and, of course, the TV.

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“Georg Groddeck and the Tao”

The great physician and psychoanalyst Georg Groddeck believed that in his unconscious was the patient's desire for disease – as well as for health. And he also believed that in his own unconscious was his desire for the patient's health to then actuate the patient's desire.

But what of the Tao – or whatever Groddeck would have called It? I'm sure, him being as he declared “wild,” he did so believe, but chose to not say lest he be deemed “too wild.”

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“Chance Encounter With Applied Kinesiology?”

Gandhi said we should no more mourn a death than celebrate a birth. So strong was his belief in Determinism.
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“Determinism and Language”

When our society is gotten to accept Other Power instead of self-power, our language, similarly, will be made to change. And this will come to pass, or not, as Determined.
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“The Basic Blind Spot”

I believe that the basic blind spot is the birthing trauma, and that later traumas are then overlaid on it.
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“Being Surrendered by Amida Buddha”

In meditation, still and active, one’s self is given over to the Higher Power, to Amida Buddha, to the Great Spirit.
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