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“My Evolving Guidance”

Many years ago I was on the phone trying to help a very distressed woman. Sending, I hoped, healing energy to her down the line.

When I hung up I realized I had, unconsciously, drawn a very intricate pattern – a symbol – on the pad beside the phone. I found that it had quite a lot of healing energy, for whenever I showed it to a sufferer, his Life Energy would immediately be enhanced. It must have been due to my healing intention to the woman.

But “I” hadn’t drawn it. It seemed to have been drawn through me. By Guidance.

I adopted it as my logo and used its healing capacity for quite a while. But I became increasingly aware that it could only actuate the Life Energy to a limited extent.

Quite recently I was given the idea (by Guidance) to look at the logo afresh. Instantly it came to me that a certain small but very significant addition had to be made. In my mind I saw the new image – and knew it would have much more healing power than previously. And that has been the case.

As, over the years, I have evolved through Guidance, so Guidance is giving me more evolved messages – to help both myself and those who come to me to evolve.