Audio Lecture: How I Started in Photography

Dr. Diamond recalls how as a boy he started on the path that was to become a lifelong passion.
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“Photography: Forming Bonds of Karma”

"[W]ith these clouds and fountains I form bonds of karma" Po Chu’i (772-846) trans. Burton Watson
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“Anticipating the Supersensual Experience”

“There is no man who does not anticipate a supersensual utility in the sun and stars, earth and water. These stand and want to render him a peculiar service.” –Emerson
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“Why I Love Japan”

I was standing outside a Shingon Temple with my dear friend, Hak-san, my otouto-san (my little brother – he's two months younger). With me, as always, my beloved Nikon-san – but I took no photographs. Too much, I cannot Feel its Thusness. Not subtle – not haiku.
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“The Photographer as Peace Proclaimer”

As I look around me, at this microcosm of the macrocosm, there is seeming chaos.
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“Every Thing Is Buddha-Nature”

Zhanran, from the Chinese Tiantai School of Buddhism, proclaimed that “even non-sentient beings have Buddha-nature.”
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“What Are You Photographing?”

What are you photographing?, they so often ask. A bit of rock, some graffiti, a twig, a leaf.
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“Today in Riga”

Today in Riga – 1,000 photos.
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“Leaving a Little for the Viewer”

I used to finalize all my paintings, stopping when they appeared to be balanced.
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“Portrait Photography and Intimacy”

Portraits, I believe, should be up-close and personal. Hence my use of a short tele lens which shows the face – and especially the eyes, the windows of the subject's Soul. (And they should show the whole head, for cutting off the subject's head actuates in our unconscious the feeling that the person has been the victim of an attack.)
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