“Who is the Subject?”

I call this tree my subject.
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“Who Finds Who?”

Imagine Henry Moore walking along Seven Sisters beach as he did so often. Thousands and thousands little rocks everywhere. He is drawn to one, attracted by it.
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“Every Rock and Tree Calls to Me”

“Every … rock and tree is alive with story and imagery, and filled with presences.” So writes Bill Gammage of the Aboriginal people of Australia.
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“For the True Artist, Spirit Everywhere”

The power of art is that it attracts – but first the subject must attract the artist.
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“Photography: The Image of an Instance”

Anyone can see a sunset as beautiful. As a photographer hoping to heal to picture it is not my role. That beauty is obvious to all.
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Audio Lecture: How I Started in Photography

Dr. Diamond recalls how as a boy he started on the path that was to become a lifelong passion.
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“Photography: Forming Bonds of Karma”

"[W]ith these clouds and fountains I form bonds of karma" Po Chu’i (772-846) trans. Burton Watson
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“Anticipating the Supersensual Experience”

“There is no man who does not anticipate a supersensual utility in the sun and stars, earth and water. These stand and want to render him a peculiar service.” –Emerson
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“Why I Love Japan”

I was standing outside a Shingon Temple with my dear friend, Hak-san, my otouto-san (my little brother – he's two months younger). With me, as always, my beloved Nikon-san – but I took no photographs. Too much, I cannot Feel its Thusness. Not subtle – not haiku.
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“The Photographer as Peace Proclaimer”

As I look around me, at this microcosm of the macrocosm, there is seeming chaos.
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