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“The Tunnel Underneath Waterloo Station”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.


Many times I’ve gone to the disused road tunnel under Waterloo Station to photograph all the graffiti. So much there is – for it is permitted.

Whenever I go back it is always completely new – all that I photographed before is completely painted over and painted over time and again.

Last time I was there three young artists had come down, once again, from way up north to overpaint a large area. They’d already planned the whole operation: large diagrams spread out on the road beside them, many cans of spray-on paint, and face masks.

I watched as they obliterated the many paintings in their planned area just as those had obliterated many, many previous paintings.

And they knew as they were obliterating that theirs too would soon be gone. But they sprayed on and on, living fully in their moment. And happy to accept the inevitable end. I’ll be back in a month and all vestige of their existence there will be gone. And so the next generation and the next.

Their paintings were mainly of devils and zombies – but I saw the panorama of life.


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