Video: Photography – Put Your Eyes in Your Thymus

The thymus changes atmospheric chi, via the breath, into the electromagnetic chi that flows through our acupuncture system. Dr. Diamond suggests an awareness of it can help the Life Energy of the photographer.

One of the Photography for Healing video series.

See more videos by Dr Diamond on his YouTube channel.

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“What To Call What I Photograph”

I’ve searched for years for the appropriate word of that which I photograph.

“Subject” makes it inferior, under me.

“Object” too cold, unfeeling.

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“The Three Levels to a Work of Art”

There are three levels to a work of art, to a photograph.
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“Fusing with the Subject”

This hand is you and your other your spouse. Bring them close together, then have them touch – and then interlock them.

You have now created a new Entity: the two of you fused as One. This is Fusion, this is Love.

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“Nature, Ever Abundant”

No matter
how many pictures
I take,
the tree’s love
is never diminished.

is ever-abundant.

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“The Healer and the God Within”

The Photographer as Healer must first have found God in himself to then find God in the subject.
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“Painting and the Depiction of Form”

Photography freed painting from having to depict form.
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“Revealing the Tathata”

Every photographic subject, however allegedly non-sentient, has its Spirit, its Thusness – what the Buddhists call Tathata.
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“Every Photo an Arcadia”

Every photograph should be, in a sense, a picture of Arcadia – “an area of central Greece whose inhabitants legendarily enjoyed their music and dancing undisturbed by war and toil."
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“A Basic Role of the Photographer”

A basic role of the photographer as healer: to proclaim for us that this rock, this tree, whatever, is Spirit as matter. That we may Know this of ourselves, and then of all.
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