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“Self-Analysis vs. Meditation”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.


It seems to me that the tragedy of Freud is that knowing his deep inner shall I say despair he chose what he called self-analysis rather than meditation: to find out what and why rather than Who?

Through meditation he would have gone Yonder, past his unconscious of admixed love and fear – especially the fear – to his Deep Unconscious of Pure, Pure Love, his Innate Perfection.

One could say that his self-analysis was a form of meditation – but of the mind rather than of the heart.

I wonder if he really loved Music – which he certainly did not – how different might he have been. Surrendered to the Pulse of Life, to the Love – Yonder.

I can hear some lines from Gerard Manly Hopkins.

                        Despair, despair, despair, despair.
                        There is one, yes I have one (Hush there!),
                        Only not within seeing of the sun.
                        Yonder.— What high as that! We follow, now we follow.—
                                    Yonder, yes yonder, yonder,

 And Yonder, yonder, beyond all our despair is always, Deep within us, our mother of love.