Guidance, Spirit Guidance

Guidance from the spirit world*, given through the agency of spirit guides* is the ultimate shaping force of our lives. Diamond argued that everything we do or think, and more generally everything that happens in existence, is the result of such guidance.

Commentary: While Diamond’s embrace of spirit guidance is similar to that of Spiritualism and related beliefs, it differs in that he maintains that all of our actions, thoughts, and beliefs are guided: spiritualists have argued that such guidance typically comes only when most needed, such as in times of crisis, or as the result of prayer. Thus spirit guidance in Diamond’s formulation is fully deterministic (Determinism*), and relates his adoption of the Buddhist concept of Tariki* or Other Power.

Timeline: Diamond’s belief in guidance from the spirit world as the ultimate shaping force in our lives developed during the 1990s, in particular through his intensive study with the English psychic medium Owen Potts. After the early 2000s it was central to his teachings.