Acupuncture & the Meridians

Video: Leaving the Thymus Intact

In this free video, Dr. Diamond discusses how, up until recently, medicine has disregarded the value of such a crucial organ for our health and wellbeing.
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Video: The Thymus and the Heart Chakra

In this free video, Dr. Diamond discusses his pioneering work with the heart chakra and thymus, the most closely related organ. A fascinating introduction.
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“Fusing with the Subject”

This hand is you and your other your spouse. Bring them close together, then have them touch – and then interlock them.

You have now created a new Entity: the two of you fused as One. This is Fusion, this is Love.

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Video: High Notes – and Orgasm Success

A free video by Dr. Diamond. A singer's unconscious fear of climactic high notes relates to the kidney acupuncture meridian, to sexual indecision.
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“An Example of the Psychosomatic Relationship”

The essence of psychosomatic medicine: that all the tissues and organs of the body are related to specific emotional states through the acupuncture system.
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