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“Still Songbirds Sixty Years On”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

When I grew up, the trams in Sydney were double-ended, the unoccupied driver’s compartment at the rear.

One morning three of us medical students – Kurt Wolf, older, worldly-wise, Morrie Rosenberg and me – were in a car behind a tram with a view of the rear compartment. In it we could see a couple – also medical students we knew.

And were they ever billing and cooing!

“Gee! Look at them! In the back of a tram!,” exclaimed Morrie.

“Moishe, my boy,” Kurt quietly responded, “It’s not that they are doing it in the back of a tram – it’s that they are doing it at eight o’clock in the morning!”

Well, that was sixty years ago. The trams are long gone – but Doctors Ron and Susie are, I hear, still songbirds.