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“The Relationship, Not the Name”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

I dislike the word subject for whatever, whoever, I photograph. It is so cold, clinical – and can have a sense of being subject to me, as if I am in command, its master.

Furthermore, so many times I feel as if I am subject to it – that I am obeying it by the photographing.

And object again so cold, so impersonal.

I could just call it the other, but that sounds so remote.

I so think of ipsealter (Latin ipse, self and alter, other) for it is the two of us, our relationship, I am commemorating.

Or perhaps enso, the circle of our relationship.

I’m not sure, so for now I’ll stay with “subject” – but, hopefully, that word is subject to change.

But our Relationship is not!



Dr. Diamond’s photography is available here.


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