“To Live on the Pulse”

To sing, to play, to dance, on the Pulse, you must believe that there is a Spirit World.
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“The Emanation from the Soul”

Emanate: from the Latin e, out of, and manare, to flow. So an emanation is that which flows out from. Music emanates, as does all art.
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“Speech, Song – and Lilt”

Imagine a plane taxiing to take off – that’s speech, prose. And then lifted up into the air – that’s song, music.
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“Acting as a Host to the Composer”

Every time you play or listen to music, you are a host to the composer in the Spirit World.
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“Music: Flowing Like Honey”

Music should be mellifluous, meli from the ancient word for honey, and fluous, flowing. So Music should flow like honey: smoothly, sweetly.
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“Jubilation: The Mother’s True Lullaby”

When we sing a melody using just pure vowels instead of the given words, our Life Energy, and that of any listener, is greatly enhanced. For then the experience becomes metaverbal.
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“Advice to a Musician”

The more loved you feel, the more will your audience. And that should be the purpose of your music.
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“Is the Musician Benevolent?”

A man who is not Good, what can he have to do with music? So proclaimed Confucius!
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“A Tribute to Hephzibah Menuhin”

In the middle of last night, I thought of "Fisher." Was it the Fisher Library at Sydney University? Then it became Avery Fisher – the concert hall at Lincoln Center. Why? Who?
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“Music the Primal Art”

In 1939-1940 Stravinsky delivered the Charles Eliot Norton series of lectures at Harvard University. They were entitled Poetics of Music. I feel certain that whoever came up with the title was not a musician. For it is backwards.
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