“The Pulse, the Mother, Music and Water”

My soul is an enchanted boat.
Which, like a sleeping swan, doth float
Upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing.

– Shelley

The pulse, the mother, music and water. Let's see if we can draw all these together. When we think of the word pulse, words invoking fluidity come to us like blood, flow, and waves. One of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) definitions of pulse is "the rhythmical recurrence of... undulations." It gives this illustrative quotation: "like the pulse of the flowing sea."
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“Pure Art”

What could make pure art?  Obviously it cannot be created with notes of music and instruments, nor with paints and brushes, nor with cameras, nor with marble and chisels, since every medium has gross limitations. A medium is not full of life. We can bring it to life, but by itself it does not live.

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“How Jazz Changed My Life”

Music entered my life when I was twelve years of age. Of course I had had some exposure to music before that but it never touched me. I listened to popular music – the Hit Parade – on the radio, but it didn’t mean very much. I had heard some light classical music such as the Poet and Peasant Overture without its interesting me particularly either.

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“Beat versus Pulse”

All music comes from the mother. From the rhythmic pulsation which we felt when inside her, and then later from her cradling and rocking, her lilt and her lullaby. And all love came from her – and all negativity. Within each of us there are two mothers, the one we know who loves us – and the one we fear, the one we must obey: “She who must be obeyed.”

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Video: A=431Hz: A More Natural Pitch

Free video about the artificial nature of standardized tuning in music, and the higher Life Energy that can be experienced through a more natural tuning.
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Video: Singing and Tennis

"Music and movement are essential concomitants, and the result of that is grace." Dr. Diamond discusses work he did with the English Junior Davis Cup squad.
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“The Lullaby as Gratos”

The mother's lullaby is always gratos, a song of gratitude.
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“Performance and Truth”

"Looke upon the rainebow, and praise him that made it, very beautifull it is in the brightnesse thereof. It compasseth the heaven about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most high have bended it." — Ecclesiasticus xliii: 11–12

At one time, for a period of several months, I had almost no inclination to write anything: general essays, research findings, or even my so-called poetry. I initially thought that this was some form of blockage, then I realized that it was but the next stage in a process that had become apparent over the previous few years, which included the giving up of my “composing”—and especially of my seminars and lectures. At this time, when I received a speaking invitation my immediate thought was how to get out of it. It was not performance anxiety—I have never experienced that—but rather the absence of the desire to perform. And this I regarded not as a problem but a virtue, not as an impediment but a breakthrough.
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Video: The Healing Potential of Music

This free video is a profound statement on the healing potential of music. "Music is able to resonate with our souls, make us loving people, loving life."
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Video: In Tune and In Harmony

A free video, by Dr. Diamond, on the two emotional aspects of the bladder meridian, with powerful ramifications for our understanding of music - and life.
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