Video: The Healing Potential of Music

This free video is a profound statement on the healing potential of music. "Music is able to resonate with our souls, make us loving people, loving life."
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Video: In Tune and In Harmony

A free video, by Dr. Diamond, on the two emotional aspects of the bladder meridian, with powerful ramifications for our understanding of music - and life.
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Video: The Pulse

In this free video, Dr. Diamond discusses the Pulse of Life, a key concept in his unique holistic approach.
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“Music Is the Spirit Language”

Over all my years of endeavoring to heal, I have found time and again that I cannot work with

The man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds.*

For music is the mother, and such a man has rejected her. He has no desire for the conciliation which is, I believe, the very essence of my work.

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“Riding the Crest”

The musical pulse is like the wave. When a musician finds the Pulse, everything changes; he becomes free. He is suddenly being swept along by the glorious power of music.
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“Postoperative Singing”

Here's a wild suggestion. Some people have their blood taken when healthy and kept in storage for any future catastrophe. What if they also made recordings of their singing to be played back to them if they ever needed emergency surgery?
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“Detachment Listening to Music – or Loneliness”

Some time ago, a strange and wondrous state befell me. For the first time in my life, when I put on a record I heard only the music.
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“Playing the Violin and Tongue Position”

What difference could the position of the tongue possibly make to the playing of the violin? Try it. If you are sensitive to music you will certainly hear the difference.
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“Two Musicians – Two Choices”

This was the difference between them. Maria’s recorder sat unplayed at the back of her closet, but Sam played his guitar with love every day. She believed that God hated her. He knew that he was loved.
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“How Can You Do This to Me?”

“How can you do this to me?” the conductor stamps his foot and yells at the orchestra.
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