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“Spiritual Medicine”

In the old days, when the spirit left someone, when the will to live and to be whole and perfect and God‑like left him, he just died. One of our very great problems today is that we have the bizarre situation where modern medicine can keep us alive even though we have no soul, no spirit, no will to live. So we struggle on from sickness to sickness, but in truth, the heart and the will to live are gone. In this sense, some of us are really dead people.

This death is conveyed to others; it puts the whole mantle of death, depression and other energy‑depleting negative emotions onto the doctors who try to help. A doctor can often cure symptoms, but he senses the absence of spirit.

We have become a world full of people lacking spirit. Thanks to modern medical advances, the mechanical body marches on, but the spirit has died. This is indeed a bizarre paradox. We have to some degree cured the body, but we have done little or nothing to cure the mind or the spirit.

In the old days, healing started with healing the spirit and then the body was automatically healed as best it could be. So even if there was not perfect cure of the body, at least the spirit was cured, and if the person did die from the particular illness, he usually died in good spirit.

Today we try to cure from the outside. It does not work, because what really matters is the cure from inside. Once the spirit improves, physical changes can begin to occur, reflecting this. As doctors, we must judge our results from the enhancement of the quality of life, of the spirit, of the Life Energy in the person, rather than whether he lived longer and spent more empty time on earth.


Extract from the book 
 Medicine and Beyond: The Diamond Reports, Vol. 1 



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