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Over my many years in clinical practice, I have increasingly come to the conclusion that all of us are suffering from a condition more basic, any more fundamental, than any illness. And we all are afflicted by it, whether apparently healthy or not. This I call anguish, the anguish of the human condition. Existential angst.  And thus my therapeutic work has progressed from the desire to ameliorate illness, disease, and pain to the desire to ameliorate the deeper, underlying anguish.

There is no easy solution for overcoming anguish. Nor do I believe there should be, for this is the very task of our existence. It is our Karma, our life’s work. There can only be the dedicated onward endeavor to Know in our hearts ever more of our true Identity, of our Innate Perfection.


Extract from the book The Diamond Color MeditationThe Diamond Color Meditation book cover



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