Extract from the seminar “Tariki and Jiriki: Other Power or Self Power?”

The belief that our thoughts and actions are the work of outside agencies guiding us, rather than the result of our own personal efforts. A term taken in Japanese Buddhism meaning literally “other power” or “other help,” Tariki (他力) is associated particularly with Pure Land Buddhism. Its opposite is jiriki*, self power, where one thoughts and deeds are one’s own achievement. In Diamond’s deterministic approach, Tariki being the governing principle of existence, while the belief in jiriki is delusional.

Commentary: Diamond’s embrace of the Tariki-jiriki duality reflects both the increasing importance of determinism* in his approach and the increasingly explicit influence of Eastern spiritual beliefs in his work. It relates closely to other deterministic concepts in his work such as The Karmic Plan* and Guidance*.

Timeline: Early 2000s on