A short statement, usually of just a few words, designed to raise a person’s Life Energy. Affirmations can be spoken or sung, aloud or silently.

Diamond began using affirmations as part of his approach to healing in the 1970s. Initially they related to the Acupuncture Emotional System, specifically to the positive emotional attributes associated with each of the meridians. These are detailed in the 1985 book Life Energy. An example is the phrase “I am light and buoyant,” which relates to the positive emotions for the Thyroid (Triple-heater) meridian, lightness and buoyancy (p. 165). Saying the affirmation help raise the Life Energy of that particular meridian. In this instance, as with all Diamond’s affirmations, the precise wording is carefully researched to ensure the maximum impact to the person’s Life Energy.

Beginning in the late 1980s and continuing to the present, Diamond’s affirmations have moved beyond the meridian system and aimed to raise the overall Life Energy of the person to an even higher level. An example is the wordless affirmation ah-oo-ee-oh*, which for multiple reasons he has argued may be the highest affirmation of all.

Diamond’s approach to how the affirmations should be done evolved considerably over the years. In “The Daily Program for Life Energy” in the book Life Energy, he recommends saying each affirmation aloud, and three times with three successive breaths (p. 220). Later, he recommended saying or singing them silently. More important than whether the affirmations are spoken or sung aloud or silently, however, is the feeling and intent with which they are done. The greater the sincerity, the more powerful and long-lasting the impact on our Life Energy. So in Life Energy, he recommends us to say the affirmation “with conviction, and visualize it strongly and clearly” (p. 227).

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