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“An Invocation”


Artwork by John Diamond, M.D.

In keeping with Otto Jespersen’s postulation that the original speech was gestural, and vowel-based, I have found that vowels actuate much more Life Energy than consonants, which are in a sense mere modifiers of the more basic overall gesture of the vowel.*

This led me to wonder if behind all the various words that societies have adopted for God there may be one that, at least for us in our society today, at an unconscious level so signifies. It had to be a word only of vowels – of a particular number in a particular sequence.

I found it to be “Ahooeeoh.” This could most raise our Life Energy, putting us into a state of Aspiration towards God.

Even more so when sung, each vowel of equal length, with a little smile for the “ee,” our smile of Knowing. Our basic cantillation to God, and our basic lullaby to God – and so to all.

It is notated thus, although the pitch is not important – just the movement, and the Intention.

This is the highest, most therapeutic affirmation I have found, and for many years, I start and end each meditation with this homage.


* Diamond, Speech, Language and the Power of the Breath (Valley Cottage, NY: Archaeus Books, 1979), p. 11-17.