Acupuncture Emotional System (AES)

Diamond’s system delineating the relationship between the emotions and the acupuncture meridians. Each meridian has an associated specific emotional attribute. When the Life Energy* is flowing freely throughout that particular meridian then the emotional attribute is positive, and the associated organs and muscles and tissues are healthy. But when there is trauma, of whatever nature, then the emotion turns negative and the Life Energy flow is impeded. If this remains uncorrected, disease results. Developed over a period of 45 years, the AES builds on the pioneering work of his close friend and colleague George Goodheart (1918-2008), the great chiropractor and developer of the field of Applied Kinesiology.

Commentary: The AES was first developed by Diamond in the 1970s with the mapping out of the basic relationship between the emotions, both positive and negative, and the acupuncture meridians. This work was the focus of his book Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions. Diamond then built on this by linking specific points on each of the meridians to particular emotional and psychological syndromes. There currently exist more than 200 such syndromes, each relating to a specific acupuncture point.