A sung affirmation* or short poem with high Life Energy used as part of a meditation.  Diamond has stated that the purpose of the incantations is “to make contact with the Divine,” and that they are more “a prayer more than a song.”

Generally Diamond has recommended singing the incantations silently and very slowly, integrating them with the natural breath cycle, one syllable per inhalation and per exhalation.  An example is the pure vowel affirmation ah-oo-ee-ohThis is sung silently beginning on the inhalation, thus: ah – in; oo – out; ee – in; oh – out (the pitches are doh, re, ti, doh respectively for each syllable).

Timeline: Although Diamond has recommended the use of spoken and sung affirmations to raise the Life Energy since the late 1970s (see, for example, Life Energy, which contains the affirmations for each meridian and the thymus gland), he only began using the specific term incantation in his writings and lectures in 2017.