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“Outward Directed Communication”

I once read a biography of the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, written by his second wife. In it she tells of his marriage of over fifty years to his first wife, who had been crippled for much of this time. Every evening they would sit down and read to each other. They read all of Scott, Shakespeare, and many other authors. When I discovered it, I realized that this beautiful intimacy has been lost.

A generation or two ago, people were reading the Bible to each other in the evenings or on weekends. There was a family sharing of reading. I believe that this is the way that literature, speech, and music are intended to be—given out to people, directed outward, as opposed to being kept inward. We have found that if people direct their positive communication out toward others, even if it is just counting numbers, it will raise your Life Energy. Conversely, when they do not direct it out to anyone—when they just put it “into the air”—your energy is not raised.

We have discovered that in using positive affirmations, you seem to do more to raise your own energy if you regard yourself in the third person than if you think of yourself in the first person. For instance, if we change “I” to the individual’s name, so instead of saying, “I am healthy,” I say, “John is healthy,” (in other words, I address myself as if I were an outsider), additional benefits are realized. This work has some far-ranging applications. It seems that by using this form of address, the affirmation becomes more impressive, more powerful. It becomes a more penetrating communication.

Therefore, whether you direct outwardly or selfishly keep something to yourself is important—be it literature, music, or speech. We have found that even if you are reading silently, your energy is raised much more if you think of reading to someone else. In fact, this can even correct dyslexia. We have the person read aloud to someone. If there is no one for him to read to, we suggest that he read out loud, or to himself, imagining that his voice is going out to someone else, or that it is going out and then coming back to himself.

As soon as you start to give out, there is an increase in your Life Energy. You have balanced your hemispheres. Directed thoughts, music, and reading—directed speech, writing, or any form of communication—will be much more energized than ones that merely waft through space.


Extract from the book 
 Medicine and Beyond: The Diamond Reports, Vol. 1 


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