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“Adominable: Towards Humanity”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

From the root GHDHEM, of the earth, are derived humus, homo, human, humanity.

Shipley points out that it was commonly held that abominable was also so derived, but this is not the case. So “abhominable” is not the correct spelling, even though it was used by earlier writers – by Shakespeare, for example, 18 times.

So, let’s stay with it. Good enough for Shakespeare is good enough for me, as my interest is in the unconscious association:

ab-hominable: away from humanity.

There does not appear to be an antonym, so I propose “adhominable” (ad, towards). And, pace Shipley, “adominable.”

Abominable: away from humanity,
adominable: towards humanity.

Every thought, every action, is either away from or towards humanity.

Abominable: anti-Jen,*
adominable: pro-Jen.


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