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“Today in Riga”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Today in Riga – 1,000 photos.

Suzie, of course,
and friends,
and grilles and gratings,
a bit of a boat,
sand and seaweed,
water and rocks and reeds,
pebbles and potholes,
stone and clay,
furniture and fabric,
a windmill, a lamp,
trees and twigs,
branches and leaves
and acorns,
wires and ropes,
doors, windows
and shutters,
streets and people,
strangers, lovers
and police,
a window cleaner,
a carpenter,
old wood and rust,
signs and graffiti,
shops and ads
and billboards,
buildings, old and decayed,
peeling paint and plaster,
bricks bare,
piles of papers and trash,
an old cart, broken,
a dog and birds
and a duck,
hands and faces and feet,
a coffee cafe and its wall,
stains and smears,
a painter’s palette,
an artist at work
and his daughter, too.
And rain and sunshine
and shadows.

All patterns
– Patterns
of the Plan.

And every click
as guided,
for there’s no not-guidance.

Sept. 16, 2013


Photography, Poetry,