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“All Fates Bespoken”


Photograph by John Diamond, M.D.

Some modern astronomers subscribe to the theory of multiple universes – infinite in number with infinitely infinite galaxies with ever more infinite stars with ever ever more infinite planets.

It is said that on one particular planet – Somewhere – exactly, utterly exactly, what we all are doing here now was done already there.

Our word fate comes from the root BHA, to speak. My fate, and yours – and the earth’s itself – has already been spoken, acted out Elsewhere. We are but a reflection of that There – as it, too, may be a reflection of Elsewhere.

All already done: the past There – and There and There – to be manifested here in its time.

And what we are doing Here now is the fate to come for Somewhere Else.

And as spoken to us – and for us to speak.

Our fate – all fates – bespoken.