The belief that life has a higher purpose beyond the purely material. As such it is a foundation of a higher, spiritual approach to life generally and to one’s daily activities. In terms of the Acupuncture Emotional System*, the syndrome is associated with the lung meridian. First formulated in the 1970s, this topic remained central to Diamond’s work thereafter. Its lack relates to the Inner Flame* problem and potentially the development of illness as well as a spiritually impoverished life.

Inspiration-Aspiration Cycle

In his later writings Diamond linked Aspiration with the idea of Inspiration (in the sense of divine Guidance*) to produce the concept of the Inspiration-Aspiration cycle. It is loosely based on the idea of the breath cycle, with Inspiration equating with the inhalation of the breath and Aspiration with exhalation. For further details, see Inspiration*.

Timeline: Late 1970s on.