A special way of singing, using only vowels, that greatly raises the Life Energy. It can be done by anybody regardless of musical skill and is original to Dr. Diamond’s work. There are two basic approaches. In the first, the singer takes a familiar melody and replaces the original lyrics with extemporized vowels. In the second, both melody and vowels are extemporized. Although both approaches have very high Life Energy, the second, because it is entirely created by the singer, is more so. It is best done meditatively.

Example of free Jubilation sung by Susan Diamond. In this example both the melody and the vowels are freely extemporized:

Commentary: Part of the reason Jubilation raises the Life Energy is that it is metaverbal*, thus able to transcend the limitations of verbal communication. More specifically, vowels have high Life Energy. As Diamond showed in the book Speech, Language and the Power of the Breath, whereas consonants energize a specific acupuncture meridian, vowels energize all of them (pp. 16-17). As Diamond has noted, his concept of Jubilation builds on the work of the British cleric G. B. Chambers in his 1956 study Folksong, Plainsong: A Study of Origins and Musical Relationships.

Timeline: Diamond first explored the concept in the late 1970s, but it did not fully evolve until 1999. One important consequence of Jubilation is the development of what Diamond terms “the highest affirmation,” ah-oo-ee-oh* c. 2004.

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