“Dental Appliances: Metal Across the Midline”

By John Diamond, M.D.

I saw a woman who was complaining of great difficulty with her thinking. She was aware that she was not able to think as clearly as she once could. We also found that she had quite a marked dyslexia. It was then that I discovered she was wearing a dental appliance that had metal crossing her midline. When she took the appliance out, both she and I noticed that her thinking improved dramatically, as did her dyslexia.

I had initially experienced great difficulty trying to follow her thought processes. Her sentences were uncoordinated, as if her speech was going nowhere. In fact I wondered if she had some form of severe mental illness, but all this disappeared when she removed the appliance.

She told me that her dentist was aware of the problem caused by metal across the midline, and in an attempt to overcome this had recommended that she wear wire rimmed glasses in the hope that two negatives might make a positive. In one sense, at some times this did overcome some of her apparent problems, but it achieved this by an overall lowering of Life Energy. It was not a solution.

As far as I know, and many of my dental colleagues confirm this, these appliances do not need to have metal across the midline. Whenever the metal is removed, there is always a considerable improvement in Life Energy and mental functioning.