“All Acts of Creativity”

All acts of Creativity are giving back
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“The Basic Intention of All Artistic Endeavors”

Wordsworth “believed with Coleridge that                         All thoughts, all passions, all delights,                         Whatever stirs this mortal frame,                         All are but ministers of Love,                                     And feed his sacred flame."
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“An Emissary of the Spirit World”

Every artist, whether he knows it or not, is an emissary of the Spirit World.
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“For the True Artist, Spirit Everywhere”

The power of art is that it attracts – but first the subject must attract the artist.
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“What If…?”

What if all Schools of Art insisted on all their students undergoing the five years’ training as did Keats to be what was then called an apothecary?
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Audio Lecture: The Ultimate Unnecessity of Art

The true purpose of art is to give us the experience of Belovedness and, by doing so, to allow us then to find it in everything. Once we do so, art has served its purpose and is no longer necessary.
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“Aspirational Play”

It's not mere play that I encourage, but what I call Aspirational Play. Play with a Higher Purpose.
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“The Goal of All My Creativity”

To sublimate my individual attempts at healing sufferers into broader general areas hopefully to then be of help to more.
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“The Primal Art”

In 1940 Stravinsky delivered the Charles Eliot Norton series of lectures at Harvard University. They were entitled “The Poetics of Music.” I feel certain that whoever came up with the title was not a musician. For it is backwards.
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“Lascaux and the Message of the Divine”

Remember when looking at photos of the Lascaux paintings that there was yet no written language.
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