Deep Unconscious (superficial unconscious)

The deepest part of our self, which is pure love. It contrasts to what Dr. Diamond terms the superficial unconscious, which corresponds to the conventional concept of the unconscious as found in psychology and psychiatry, for instance in the work of Freud. The superficial unconscious is an admixture of positive and negative emotions, part love, part fear, in varying proportions.  In the Deep Unconscious, by contrast, there is only love, no fear. Diamond’s work for many years has been, in a sense, as far as possible to have only love in the superficial unconscious just as in the Deep Unconscious. “The quest for health,” he writes “starts in the superficial unconscious, but it ends with the emergence of the Deep Unconscious.”

Commentary: The concept of the Deep Unconscious embodies Dr. Diamond’s lifelong belief in the inherent goodness of man. It only through our misprocessing* of the message of the Deep Unconscious than man commits acts that are less than loving. This approach underlies all his work, although at different times he has used different terms to express it, including the Soul*; our inherent Buddha-nature; our Innate Perfection; and the Muse*.

Timeline: Early 2000s on.