Holism & Health

“What Is Homeostasis?”

Homeostasis is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as “the ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.” It is a basic belief of modern medical science, said to be operating at all levels of physiology from the tendency to restore the electrolyte imbalances in a single cell caused by its previous activity, to the tendency for a wound to heal. Consider the immune system. A foreign agent enters into the body and homeostatic processes are then invoked to neutralize the effects of the invasion – to restore the body to its previous condition.

Every disease is a result of the misprocessing of the body’s command of innate intelligence to send Life Energy where it is needed. Cancer is an example of misprocessing – the immune system guarding the malignant cells as being healthy rather than requiring to be destroyed. In its misprocessing the immune system treats bad as good, and in terms of auto-immune disease misprocesses good cells as if they were bad, and then attacks the target cells.

Every time you recover from an illness it is because of the body’s drive for homeostasis, and when we do not recover it is because our drive was not great enough for the particular circumstances. The unenlightened doctor believes that it is the antibiotic that cures the patient of infection, the wise one acknowledges the antibiotic has come to the aid of the natural homeostatic forces. This is the Life Energy, the healing power within, or to use Hippocrates’ expression vis medicatrix naturae. They are all only words, the central concept being that within us there is some sort of power which tends to want to keep us alive and healthy.