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“Therapeutic Writing”

John Diamond, M.D.

Extract from the book 
Facets of a Diamond: Reflections of a Healer

Facets of a Diamond book cover


Everyone has a purpose for writing. And so, of course, have I. But it is not really to give you information. This is only a secondary purpose. The main one is to raise your Life Energy. I have tried to make my writings themselves as therapeutic as possible. This has been my intention, and I have examined and tested them all in an endeavor to ensure this.

My hope is that as you continue to read in the right frame of mind, in the right frame of heart, your Life Energy may be enhanced. This, I believe, must be the primary reason for all communication.

The first criterion for therapeutic writing is that the writer must have this intention – the desire and the drive to help to alleviate inner suffering through his writing. But however well intended, however well written, however expertly expressed, its therapeutic effect will be minimal unless the second criterion is also satisfied.

And this is that the writing itself be therapeutic – not the message, but the medium. Not the material or the form in which it is presented, but the flow, the rhythm. No, not exactly that. More so, the pulse form of its movement. How close is it to the inner pulse of the writer, how close to The Pulse?

That is to say, how much of his ego has been placed at the service of the Muse? How close is the content, the meaning, to being at one with the Spirit, the true Self of the writer? Does his writing move – does he move – as It moves?

To put it another way, how much Life Energy, how much Healing Power, is in the communication? For this is what matters most.

The first criterion gives us only facts, and, however well intended, will only bring about an inner change in those readers about to change anyway. It, as it were, flips over those already on the cusp.

But when there is high Life Energy in the message as well as information, then the base of the cusp is greatly expanded and many more sufferers will cross over. For now that their Life Energy has been actuated, they want to embrace health and life. Now they are reading not just with their brains, but also with their hearts. And all great inner changes originate in the heart.

It’s not so much the lyrics – it’s the singing.

To be truly therapeutic, the writer must always speak from his heart, never just from his brain, for only from the heart will it go to the heart.