Painting and Life Energy

Many years ago after I had spoken at a university, a professor remarked to me that I had a different system of aesthetic criticism. Yes, I suppose it is different to most—at least to modern critics.

For I believe that the purpose of all artistic endeavors—and for that matter, every activity—should be to enhance Life Energy: to encourage the Embracing of Life—enthusiastically, passionately, wholeheartedly and gratefully.

And this can only ever come to pass when the activity is utterly altruistic. Yes, the only aesthetic criticism that matters is the proclamation of Beauty, Blessedness and Belovedness—of all of Life.

Paintings are incredibly wonderful in so many ways. But I am concerned not primarily with the usual—and obvious—criteria. To me, as a healer, the major question is always the same: how much does the painting raise our Life Energy—help us feel Beloved?

So it is that my Stillpoint Drawings have the potential to raise our Life Energy, to help us realize Perfection, even more so than a renowned painting. It will not have the qualities of the latter that our egos so crave, but nonetheless, if it brings us closer to the realization of our Divinity, then, in this sense, it is a much greater work of art. It is my belief that this is and always will be the true reason for art.

However diseased, however disturbed, you may be—just look at, take in, but one of my paintings and you will immediately Embrace your life, enthusiastically, passionately, wholeheartedly and gratefully. And further, you will be so Inspired as to Inspire other sufferers who will go on to Inspire others.

That is my Dream!